Allergy card

Your kid’s food allergy details in one place.

Allergy Card Phone

Sharing your kid’s food allergy emergency care plan is a snap when it's right in your iPhone's Apple Wallet. Our customizable digital allergy cards outline every detail about your kid’s food allergy, including how to spot and treat allergic reactions.

Allergy Card Phone
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Card components

Front of the card

  • Your kid’s photo or avatar.
  • Your kid’s name, age and allergies.
  • QR code that can be scanned to easily share your kid’s info with anyone — scanning the code opens up your kid’s profile page from which someone can download the card.
  • Available in 3 color options.

Back of the card

  • To access the back of the card click on three dots in apple wallet (this is usually in upper right corner, but may also appear in lower right corner).
  • Back of the card contains your kid’s emergency contact info, emergency care plan with details on how to spot and reaction and what to do, type of autoinjector (if applicable) and any additional information you wish to include.
Next steps

Add to wallet

From your kid’s profile page

Once you submit the form with your kid’s info, you’ll be taken to your kid’s profile page. From there you can download the card directly to your phone by clicking on “download to Apple Wallet” button and “add to wallet” from pop up. Within seconds, the card will appear in your Apple Wallet. Check out a sample profile page here!

Or, from email you receive following submission of form

  • The card is attached to that email - you can download it by clicking “view pass” and then “add to wallet”
  • You can go to the link for your kid’s profile page provided in your email and follow instructions above on how to add it from that page.
Next steps

Share the card

Via your wallet

You can share the card in the Wallet app with other iPhone or Apple Watch users. On your iPhone, open the Wallet app. Tap the More button. Tap the Share icon. From here you can share via AirDrop, Message, Mail, Whats App or any other app available in your share menu.

Via QR code

If sharing in person, have the other individual open their camera app. Scan QR code. This opens your kid’s profile page from which card can be added to Apple Wallet.

Via link

You can share the link to your kid’s profile page with anyone. This is also the only option for sharing this info with individuals that may not have an Apple iPhone.